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by Kristen Howerton

Decision Fatigue, and Simplifying to Avoid Overwhelm | Selfie Podcast Episode 157


We are talking decision fatigue . . . that paralysis and exhaustion that happens when we have too much to decide. We talk about how we’ve been trying to simplify and automate to avoid decision fatigue where we can. In this episode we also talk about: Everlane cashmere scrunchie Zen Heel Socks The Lazy Genius Bite Toothpaste Bits NanoBio Protect Nasal Antiseptic Today’s episode of Selfie is sponsored by shapeandfoster.com. Shape & Foster is a lifestyle development app that provides monthly actionable insight from six experts in mental health, financial planning, nutrition, fitness, yoga, and a life coach. It is a one stop shop for self-improvement. The app provides a proactive and informed approach to improving your mental well-being, by enabling practices and habits to be built. Visit www.shapeandfoster.com for your free 14-day trial. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash



by Kristen Howerton