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Serendipity With Inky Johnson

02 - Life Perspectives w/ LeVelle Moton


“Life is about perspective. It’s not what you see. It’s how you see it. And what you see is what you get.”

In this week’s episode, Inky is joined by husband, father, and legendary head basketball coach at North Carolina Central University, LeVelle Moton for a raw dialogue about life, motivation, and discipline. LeVelle understands that his perspective on life and the character that he has developed are direct results of the difficult life experiences he had growing as a young athlete in “the projects.” Through multiple moments of failure, defeat, and even loss, LeVelle has developed an internal motivation that drives him to have a disciplined approach to life. He now takes his role as a University basketball coach to impart these life perspectives to the young men he works with everyday.

This episode is the truth! Grab a pen and a pad and be prepared to take a lot of notes. You don’t want to miss a word!



by The Resonance Network