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Serendipity With Inky Johnson

03 - Any Given Sunday w/ Cam Newton


“Make no mistake about it. I’m coming for everything 2020 took from me. No excuses, no sobbing, and definitely no blaming. I need to be better. The revolution has begun.” -Cam Newton

In this week’s episode, Inky has a candid conversation with NFL Superstar, Cam Newton about his quest for continual self improvement. Despite what our circumstances are, many times we stand in our own way. We make excuses, absorb the negative thoughts of those around us, and stifle our own growth.

In this deep dialogue, Cam takes us on his own personal journey towards the development of self-love, self-awareness, and authenticity. Through life stories, lessons learned, and a little humor, Cam reminds us that we are a constant work in progress, we need to continually invest in ourselves, and we need to exercise the discipline of delayed gratification, all of which are beneficial for long term success.



by The Resonance Network