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Serendipity With Inky Johnson

05 - Revamped Mindset w/ Andre Ward


“Where we see people and where we meet people is not where they have always been.”

This statement is true for so many individuals, such as today’s guest Andre Ward, retired professional middleweight and heavyweight boxer. Today, Andre Ward holds an undefeated boxing record in two weight classes! However, when he first started boxing at the age of 10, he was not very good at it. In reality, he started off as a baseball player, before evolving into a boxing force to be reckoned with in his teenage years and beyond. Despite never experiencing a loss inside the ring, he admits to multiple losses outside the ring. As a husband and father, he knows the strain that the sport of boxing has had on his family but the unwavering support of his wife, mentors, and others close to him have allowed him to grow into the man that he is today. That support coupled with a mindset focused on his goals, dreams, and legacy has continued to lead him to even greater success.



by The Resonance Network