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Series with Global SME Visionary Bankers

Interview with Dayalan Govender, Nedbank


Listen to the 4th episode of SME Banker of the Year Series. This time Efma´s Lukas Dzuroska has interviewed our 4th nominee - Dayalan Govender from Nedbank. For Dayalan, SMEs do not simply bring economic benefits to their surrounding communities, but also an incredible amount of social value. Going forward, in a world in which Covid19 is present (or at least a recent memory), SMEs are going to play a critical role in the economy of tomorrow. “As we transition into a new normal, SMEs will represent the biggest catalyst for growth and employment,” said Mr. Govender. And banks are perfectly situated to assist them in their catalyzation of the future economy.


Episode 4

Season 1

by Efma Podcasts