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by Efma Podcasts
Series with Global SME Visionary Bankers

Interview with Nikoloz Kurdiani, TBC Bank


Efma and Mastercard are bringing you interview with the 3rd nominee of Efma-Mastercard SME Banker of the Year Award. In this episode, Lukas Dzuroska, Efma’s SME Banking Lead talked to Nika Kurdiani, Deputy CEO of TBC Bank Georgia. With more than 15 years of experience in banking industry, Nika knows the market and believes that SMEs are the backbone of our economy. What topic we should pay more attention to? How new players shape the SME world? How did agile setup  changed TBC’s working teams in terms of effectiveness and efficiency? Find out in this 1-1 interview about motivation, leadership, work passion and business in the SME world.



Episode 3

Season 1

by Efma Podcasts