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Shadows in the Dark

Max - The Texas Crystal Skull


In 1973, their 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, and was given 3 months to live. Through circumstance they met a Tibetan trained healer through their family medical doctor. JoAnn feels through the healers work, the creator, and the crystal skull, Max had helped to extend their daughters life by 3 years, with no explanation from the medical doctors. JoAnn ended up working for the healer for 4 1/2 years not really knowing why. Before Lama Norbu died, he gave the cherished artifact to JoAnn and her husband telling them "to take care of the skull and one day you will know what it is all about". JoAnn knew nothing about crystal skulls, so she placed Max in a box in the closet for 10 years. Through JoAnn's open mind and destiny, Max the crystal skull came out of the closet and into the world. JoAnn and Max have been on a spiritual path for 21 plus years through out the US and Europe, allowing people to experience, interact, and connect to self through this tool.



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