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BOOK CLUB: The Paper Palace


Hiya, book club besties!
This month, we read the New York Times Number One Best Seller: The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller. The story’s protagonist is Elle Bishop, a 50-something woman in love with two men - her husband, and her childhood best friend. As the blurb tells us, “so begins a story that unfolds over twenty four hours and across fifty years.” What is Elle’s big secret - the one that has kept her tethered to, but arms distance from, her best friend Jonas? And which man will she choose in the end?
Today on the show, Mich, Zara, and Annabelle go everywhere: from standout characters, to the theme of intergenerational trauma, before a big chat about that ending.
Got some thoughts on our January pick, ‘Love Stories’ by Trent Dalton? We’re allllll ears (also, eyes, heads, bodies, etc etc) - join in the convo over on our Insta, @theshamelessbookclub. Or, if you’re after some variety, here’s a link to record a voice message via our website, too.
Big thanks to Olina’s Bakehouse Seeded Snackers for making this episode possible. Check out these yummy snacks right here, and find them in-store at your local Woolworths.
You can browse the eBook and audiobook versions of past book club picks in our room on Apple Books! Have a look-see right here. (You might spot our little baby, The Space Between, in the mix there, too.)
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Episode 353

Season 1

by Shameless Media