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BOOK CLUB: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Happy Saturday, bookworms!
This month, we read ‘Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow’ by best-selling author Gabrielle Zevin. The novel is, at its core, a love story between two brilliant gamers, but not a love story in the way you’d expect. Sadie and Sam form a friendship as children in a hospital gaming room and re-kindle as 25-year-olds years later at a train station. The natural connection that bonded them as kids instantly resumes, and, strengthened by their shared interest in video games, they become intrinsically linked as business partners, collaborators, and best friends. Together with the help of Sam’s housemate Marx and Sadie’s ex-professor slash lover Dov, they create the blockbuster hit, Ichigo, catapulting Sadie and Sam into great gaming success. With the wins though, came the losses - losses that shook their friendship and world entirely.
Got some thoughts on our February pick, ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman? We’re allllll ears (also, eyes, heads, bodies, etc etc)  - join in the convo over on our Insta, @theshamelessbookclub. Or, if you’re after some variety, here’s a link to record a voice message via our website, too.
Big thanks to Quay Australia for making this episode possible. To browse their latest range head over to quayaustralia.com.au and pick out your pair for this summer. Don’t forget to jump on while their Buy 1, Get 1 free promotion is still running.
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