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Why hello, everyone!
Today, we are joined by one of the UK’s most prominent authors, Dolly Alderton. Some of you might be thinking, but wait! You guys have already interviewed Dolly! And you’d be right. Back in 2020, in the depths of lockdown, we spoke to Dolly over Zoom about her life and career. But, given how much we adore her, and given how she was so highly requested by you guys, we thought: why not make her the first person to ever return to Shameless In Conversation? But this is an In Conversation episode with a twist: Of course, Mich asked Dolly about what life has been like in the three years since we last spoke, but given she’s the ultimate Agony Aunt (or sister), we also wanted to pick her brain on your big life dilemmas. We did a callout and asked you what you needed Dolly’s advice on, so today, we opened the Shameless Mailbag and put Dolly’s marvelous mind to work.
To pre-order Dolly’s new book, Good Material, head here.
This episode was audio produced by Annabelle Lee.
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