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Not the reverse Steven Bradbury

G’day, everybody!
On today’s show: We’ve officially entered the era of the rebrand - from strawberry girl aesthetic to tomato girl fall, so what the hell is going on? It’s official: We single-handedly manifested a Stormzy and Maya Jama reunion, an update on what the hell is up with Scooter Braun, unpacking the viral controversy around *that* Che Diaz profile, and Pete Davidson is single again.
This week, Zara had two recommendations: this episode on Oprah from Acquired and The Intern on Netflix. Mich recommended the Skims Fits Everybody Bralette.
Big thanks to Swisse for making this episode possible. Check out the Swisse Sleep Range by heading online or to your local retailer. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
This episode was audio produced by Annabelle Lee, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald.
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