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by Laurie Goodlad
Shetland with Laurie Podcast

Shetland on Film: an interview with Greg McCarron from The Shetland Film Archive


Hello and welcome to episode 15 of the podcast. This was an accidental podcast, so I may lapse into dialect a bit more as usual, and I don’t welcome my guest in the same way! But, today’s episode is with Greg McCarron from the Shetland Film Archive. Greg has been working for several years with the Film Archive, which is a charitable organisation that collects, preserves and protects the film material of Shetland, making it publicly available to be enjoyed. Recently the group received some funding to digitise more film material, and that’s what I’m chatting to Greg about in this call.

When I was listening back to the call, I realised that this was an interesting topic and would make a good podcast episode. Also, for those keen to get involved, listen to Greg and find out how you can volunteer to help the Film Archive.

Greg is also an old friend who now lives on the Scottish mainland and works for Scottish TV, so it was really lovely to catch up with him.

In this episode, we find out about the films that the Shetland Film Archive holds, a little bit about the history of film in Shetland and some of the technical stuff that I was unsure about - like when we start to see sound coming into these films.

I found out so much about the history of film and why it’s such an important historical tool.

So, let’s dive in and hear what Greg has to say.


Shetland Film Archive website

Shetland Film Archive YouTube channel

Shetland Film Archive Facebook page

Sailing boats and burning galleys - Greg’s favourite quirky film in the archive


Episode 15

by Laurie Goodlad