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by Laurie Goodlad
Shetland with Laurie Podcast

Some of Shetland's best walks


In today’s show, I talk about a few of my favourite walks in Shetland.

I begin by talking about the Eshaness Circular that sits in the northwest corner of Shetland and represents the best section through the flank of a volcano in the UK. It boasts the UK’s largest sea cave and some impressive coastal features, and 2,000-year-old archaeology.

I then consider walking some of Shetland’s National Nature Reserves, and, in this, I include the National Reserves of Hermaness, Noss and Sumburgh Head.

Finally, I share a few of my favourite walks for archaeology. I look at Mousa Broch, Culswick Broch and, lastly, the Neolithic temple at Stanydale.

All this and more in today’s show!


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Episode 18

by Laurie Goodlad