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Simon Mayo's Confessions

Jazzy Jeff's Disco Debacle and other Confessions...


‘Sir What Are You Doing in My Kitchen’ – Find out what teacher Jazzy Jeff got up to in his confession, plus some of the confessions that are just too naughty to make it on the radio. Simon and the Greatest Hits Drivetime team are here with the first of three Summer Specials featuring some of our favourite confessions since the show started in March. This episode features PJ in Leed’s French Farce ‘Voules Vous Confess-ey Avec Moi Ce Soir’, Kay’s Driving Disaster ‘Baby You Can Drive My Car, But Not Like That’, Jazzy Jeff’s Disco Debacle ‘Ugandan Discussions Down the Disco’ and Bab’s Broken Leg Lie ‘Dr Kiss Kiss’. Plus the team sift through some of the confessions that are too rude to broadcast. You can send in your own confession to confessions@greatesthitsradio.co.uk


Episode 1

Season 1

by Greatest Hits Radio