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Simon Mayo's Confessions

Trisha’s Funeral Faux Pas and other Confessions…


Trisha enters sitcom territory when she turns up late to the wrong funeral, there’s more confessions that are just too naughty to make it on air and an insect related mini confession. Simon and the team are back with the final instalment of the Summer Special. This episode includes Trisha’s Funeral Faux Pas ‘Dropkick me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Life’, Bernard’s Cheesy Challenge ‘Everybody Must Say Cheese!’, The Confession with the Stag Night, the Bruce Springsteen Gig and the amazing American Accents and a very rare sick confession that made it through the net - ‘Huey Lewis and THAT’s the News’. Plus, there’s the usual extra confession insight and the Naughty List of Confessions just too bad to get on the radio. You can send in your own confession to confessions@greatesthitsradio.co.uk


Episode 3

Season 1

by Greatest Hits Radio