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Johann Hari: Depression's Not (Just) In Your Head


We’ve got good news and bad news: depression might not be all in your head.

In this episode of Simplify, journalist and two-time New York Times-bestselling author Johann Hari reveals the cultural causes of depression. Among them are loss of connection to meaningful work, a lack of meaningful relationships, lack of a future that makes sense, plus other factors both political and personal that can’t be blamed on the human mind.

Hear Hari tell Caitlin the stories of how people have reclaimed their connections to meaning and the moving story of the Berlin community that saved itself through connection and care, and learn how we can all start to reconnect with what matters.

For more info, including links to everything discussed in the episode, check out this link: https://www.blinkist.com/magazine/posts/simplify-depression-johann-hari/ [2]

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[1]: https://www.blinkist.com/en/books/lost-connections-en[2]: https://www.blinkist.com/magazine/posts/simplify-depression-johann-hari/[3]: https://www.blinkist.com/simplify[4]: https://twitter.com/caitlinschiller?lang=en[5]: https://twitter.com/bsto


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