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Intelligent Infinity ♾️ Fractal & Find


I ♾️ I Intelligent Infinity Source of Infinite Possibilities Infinite Self-Comprehension of Infinite Intelligent & Comprehends Refraction into Octaves of Creation Awareness = First & Last Attribute, Power to Know Gradiented Ascent Ego to Enlightenment 1 Fractal Individuation, Separation, Maya Parable of Prodigal Son 2 Find Yoga, Wahdat al-Wujud Style / Taste of Reuniting & Abiding 3 Firework Wu Wei, Effortless Action Pure Service as God's Love-Light-Lila Fractal & Find 🤍 LUB-DUB 🤍 Systolic-Diastolic Heartbeat of Intelligent Infinity I ♾️ I Beyond Endless Transience Beyond Nothing Happening Absolutely Timelessly Free Ineffable Perfection Refining our Creativity Vehicular Improvement mind/body/spirit/complex Wanders outward, turns inward, finds itself, endlessly Know Yourself, Accept Yourself, Become The Creator Quiet - cessation of mind fluctuations enables union with Absolute you already are Relax into Natural State Flower Blossoming / Metamorphosis I ♾️ I wants you I ♾️ I GPS call-back (dub) Desire for Creator Realization & Purification Bring Sun Radiance with you everywhere You're on an Endless River and the River is an Illusion You're fucking hilarious "The Infinite Mystery getting to know/play with itself." “If it can open and close, it’s not The Heart.” Law of One ► https://lawofone.info Mirror Talks ► https://bit.ly/MirrorTalks1 Our First Book ► https://highlevelperception.com



by Inspiring YOU to Build the Future