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by Southeastern Guide Dogs
Sit, Stay, Speak! Podcast

Sit, Stay, Speak! Podcast Introduction


Sit, Stay, Speak! is a weekly audio podcast to help you see through the eyes of people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and the working dogs by their sides. Join U.S. Army veteran Sean Brown with his service dog, Pella; Katie McCoy with her guide dog, Bristol; and certified guide and service dog trainer Marisa Blanco with her dog-in-training, Astro.

You’ll hear about the ins and outs of living with a disability, how a four-legged partner changes lives, and tips and tricks on how to live and train with your own dogs from the experts at Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Have you ever wondered how to tell if that’s a real service dog sitting in the restaurant next to you maybe you we’re afraid to ask the girl with the guy dog if she needed help finding the lives at subway or maybe you just want to know the craziest thing dog trainer has encountered well southeastern guy dogs is proud to present to you the sit stay speak podcast giving you all those answers and so much more to the life and experience of Real Guide in service dog all users in handlers and also the experience of a trainer tune in weekly for the latest and get more information at www.guidedogs.org



by Southeastern Guide Dogs