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by Stuart Delony
Snarky Faith Radio

Kick Off the Dust


"Well, it's full speed, baby

In the wrong direction

There's a few more bruises

If that's the way

You insist on heading"

-Mary Jane ~ Alanis Morissette

Sometimes along the journey of life, we need a bit of a course correction. Sometimes we acquiesce. Other times, we find ourselves lost, miles off track in a different direction. With faith, it's much the same way.

Some of us end up raised in a system that indoctrinates early, while others have it instilled through a spiritual community along the way.

Either way, there comes a time when we must evaluate what teachings and beliefs are worthy of our efforts and which ones are not. It's the way of growth that leads us forward.

Some ideas remain while others no longer have a place.

Much live the concepts of survival of the fittest, beliefs and theology compete within us, and hopefully, the noble and worth ideas survive. Such is the most of human existence. It's a metaphysical sorting of goods to be kept, recycled, and thrown away. We claim what we need and toss the rest because the journey ahead doesn't need that anymore.

Fresh faith constantly evolves into what we need to become, not holding on to what has passed, been, or occurred. To stop growth and evolution in oneself leads one to stagnation and rot.

So when it comes to following after Jesus, there is always a new road ahead that requires us to be awake, aware, and ready to engage with what life offers us. We must have a servant's posture, but one that's also on our toes, ready for the movement of God's kingdom.

In her book, Into the Grey, Michelle Collins puts it like this, "For years, I was involved in bible reading, communion, religious study, and all the activities that make up the religious experience. Yet, nowhere along the way did I stop to evaluate what I was learning or what I believed. I just functioned without a lot of thought. I called it faith; I am sure others would not identify it that way."

In Matthew 10:14, Jesus tells his followers to "shake the dust off [their] feet" if they find themselves in places ill receptive to the movement of the Kingdom of God.

So, how many places of worship stifle spiritual growth because they don't like you asking questions that may make them uncomfortable. Churches that don't encourage you to grow are not churches at all. They're just a business, and you're a consumer.

Let's kick that dust off of us and find places where we can question, wonder, and grow into who we should be.

If you're not growing, it may be time to walk on. Join us as we discuss when it's time to keep going.

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Episode 326

by Stuart Delony