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170 - SolarCoaster Launches the New Energy Economy Stock Index


Josh, Jay and Brian reflect on the past year (60 + hour long episodes) in which Brian Thomas of Fairwinds Wealth Management joined the SolarCoaster Radio show.

With an eye towards better understanding how solar stocks and other areas of ESG investing are impacting the financial markets, the team dug deep and monitored what turned out to be the "best performing sector in the financial universe" during the year.

Upon this realization, the team announces its commitment to developing a stock index that reflects the full force of the new energy economy.

Stay close as we air shows illustrating the principals in how these stocks are picked and monitored over time. In the upcoming months we look forward to preparing our portfolios together for the decade of solar; The 2020's and the biggest moves in 2021 ahead.

SPECIAL NOTE: Upon airing this video at North American Smart Energy week Thursday 6PM EST on 10/22, the third and final debate aired only a couple hours afterwards in which Former Vice President and current favored candidate for the office of president, Joe Biden, stated:

“We’re going to get to zero net emissions for the production of electricity by 2035 and it’s going to create millions of jobs. But, we can’t be cavalier about the impact it’s going to have and how we’re going to transition to do all this. I just think its a gigantic opportunity to create really good jobs.”

“The fastest growing jobs are in solar and wind — paying prevailing wage — $45 to $50 bucks an hour, plus benefits.”

“The president of the U.S. has control of signing $600 billion in federal contracts and one of the largest auto and trucking fleets in the world.”

Biden said the U.S should “own the EV market.”
“We need to invest billions on transmission.”