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Something Rhymes with Purple

Cool Britannia

Something Rhymes with Purple
Something Rhymes with Purple
The 90s was a crazy decade, brimming with pop culture moments that defined Britain. Susie and Gyles discuss words that gained popularity in the post Cold War era, from Cool Britannia, to the Spice Girls, Dianamania to the World Wide Web... 

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Enjoy Susie’s Trio for the week: 

Solacious: Soothing or comforting.

Soodle : To linger or dawdle.

Splatherdab: A gossip.

Gyles' poem this week was 'This Boy' by Leigh Lawson, who wrote it upon the birth of his first grandson, Solomon.

 He gives me joy, this boy, 

Unspeakable, inexpressible. 

This boy gives me joy.

Inexplicable, unexplainable.

This boy brings me joy.

Let bells ring, choirs sing, 

Chimes chime, poets rhyme, 

Trumpets trump, drums drum, 

Feet stamp, guitars strum.

Higher than the moon,

Oh, hotter than the sun,

Deeper than the sea, 

Is the joy this boy brings to me.

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Something Rhymes with Purple
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