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Something Rhymes with Purple



This week we’re embracing nostalgia and throwing open our trunks to skip through the wonderful world of toys. Along the way we discover the real Teddy behind the bear, where the word Muppet comes from, and why it’s not necessarily a good thing to be as pleased as punch. We also reminisce about trips to Hamley’s (some for business, some for pleasure), Gyles reveals the star attractions in his Teddy collection, and did he really meet the real Barbie and Ken?

A Somethin’ Else production 

We love answering your wordy questions on the show so please do keep sending them in to purple@somethinelse.com 

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Susie’s Trio:

Tu quoque - an argument that throws back the same charge on an accuser

Whataboutery - responding to an accusation my making a counter-accusation or raising a different issue

Vibrissae - the stiff hairs that grow about the face of many mammals: eg a cat’s whiskers
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