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Something Rhymes with Purple

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Something Rhymes with Purple
Something Rhymes with Purple
From the latin word dicere meaning ‘to speak, to tell or to say’. This week Susie and Gyles are looking at the ultimate word bible, the dictionary! 

Gyles ponders the difference between a glossary and a dictionary. 

And Susie delves into prescriptivism vs descriptivism 

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And now for three bite sized words from Susie in her trio:

Thruffable: Open and transparent (through).

Wambliness: An upheaval of the stomach.

Boodyankers: An exclamation of surprise or delight (Northumberland).

Gyles’s poem comes from his friend and neighbour James K Harris and is called ‘I Don’t’ 

 I don't, of course, mean everything I say. 

I mean, sometimes, I don't know what I mean. 

Sometimes I have a thought which goes astray. 

I start describing blue, it turns out green. 

The alphabet is very volatile. Its union is hard to bring to heel. It's easy to fall victim to its guile. 

You think you're describing what you feel, but then you find the words describing you.

And so one sees oneself in their dark light. One thinks one is describing what is true, then suddenly one sees one isn't right.

 In which case, still, it's true that one was wrong. 

Well, truth, in some guys, always comes along.

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Something Rhymes with Purple
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