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by Stellar
Something To Talk About with Samantha Armytage

Grace Tame


Australian of the Year Grace Tame joins Sam in this episode. In a wide ranging interview Grace opens up on the responsibility she feels toward other survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and describes how her abuser manipulated her into hating her own womanhood, and the ongoing effects of that. Grace also shares the news on the work she's beginning with Los Angeles Human Trafficking Task Force.

In a fun moment towards the end of this episode Grace describes how she very much spoke 'at' the Prime Minister, the happiness she has in her life now, and we open this episode with a simple but poignant question, how are you?

Episode notes - 

You can read Grace's profile on the Australian of the Year website by clicking here or copying this into your browser:


Grace's insta is @tamepunk

Sexual Assault Support Services can be reached here:


And here:


Beyond Blue can be reached here: 


And here:

1300 224 636

And Lifeline can be reached here:


And here:

13 11 14

This episode of Something To Talk About was recorded in Sydney and Hobart on the morning of February 25th 2021.


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by Stellar