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Sonic Tonic # 4


Sonic Tonic # 4 Track list:
Doctor Destructo - Tangerine Dream
Rivers - Föllakzoid
Citizens of Science - Yellow Magic Orchestra
To Yelasto Pedi - Mikis Theodorakis
Qui fine arrivé - Claudio
California Dreaming - Denial
Repetition - The Soft Moon
The Orchids - Psychic TV
Shoo Be Doo - The Cars
The Empress And The Ukraine King - Can
Polaroïd/Roman/Photo - Ruth
Avenue B - Major Thinkers
Moogies Bloogies - Delia Derbyshire and Anthony Newley
Raz Dwa - Belgrado
Lady Greengrass - The Ones
Confrontation - Tangerine Dream



by Sonosphere Podcast