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Sound Detectives

Breaking News: Season 1 Launches Next Week, 11/1!

Sound Detectives
Sound Detectives

A new sneak peek at Sound Detectives, coming November 1st!

Sounds have mysteriously gone missing, and everyone is in a panic!

Sound Detectives is a fun-filled comedy adventure for the whole family about the magic and mystery of sound.

The world famous Detective Hunch teams up with a rookie named Audie – a three foot five inch, walking, talking human ear – to crack the case. They'll need to work together to identify the sounds and nab the nefarious Sound Swindler, all with a little help from LeVar Burton!

Let's listen as Hunch and Audie first try this whole partnership thing on for size…

To learn more about Sound Detectives as well as find coloring pages, sound terms, and more, please visit https://www.sounddetectivespodcast.com

Want some merch? Find t-shirts, notebooks, and more at https://www.podswag.com/collections/sound-detectives

Sound Detectives
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