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by Eve Eurydice
Speak Sex with Eve Eurydice

Ep. 87: Self-Love Autoromance Autosexuality. The Spectrum of Self Satisfaction. Eve Eurydice w Chris


An episode for those of you who are alone, unattached or unsatisfied this Valentine’s Day. Of special interest during quarantine. Eve Eurydice speaks with Chris Hume, Director, Editor, Animator, Agitator, Yogi. Autosexuals are still a 90% invisible community. Coming Out is so 20th c. We don’t have to hide our sexuality–if we do, it becomes our taboo or our ‘dirty secret’ & takes on an exclusive air we may not intend for it. It may feel selfish to discuss it but practicing calling desires by their names & asking other people for their experiences helps banish social shame. This is how we evolve: by redescribing, recasting our Sexual drama. Autosexuality was coined by sex therapist Bernard Apfelbaum in 1989 to refer to people who have trouble being turned on by someone else sexually. But feeling turned on by yourself is common; some experience it more like an orientation, feeling more aroused by themselves than by others. Autosexuals are more comfortable in their own company, unlike narcissists who crave outside attention & constant validation. Autosexuals can be pleasers & daters who still prefer private personal sexual experiences. Auto sexuality starts w self-consolation & going out alone before it becomes a preference. For more on #SpeakSex, go to https://Speaksexpodcast.com For totes, books, art go to https://Eurydice.net. ⚡️ For Apple subscribe to https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/speak-sex-with-eve/id1448261953 ⚡️For video, subscribe to https://YouTube.com/SpeakSexwithEveEurydice ⚡️ facebook.com/Speaksexpodcast #speaksexpodcast More about Chris Hume at www.shootandrun.net www.add-man.biz Shoot and Run Productions #autosexuality --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/speaksexpodcast/message


Episode 87

Season 3

by Eve Eurydice