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by Eve Eurydice
Speak Sex with Eve Eurydice

Ep 88: Post-Reproductive Women! A Writer’s Passage through Menopause. Eve Eurydice w Darcey Steinke


Eve Eurydice speaks with Darcey Steinke, author of Flash Count Diary, a deeply feminist, fearless book about about aging, desire, our wildness, and our wonder. Darcey has also authored the memoir Easter Everywhere and 5 novels: Sister Golden Hair, Milk, Jesus Saves, Suicide Blonde, & Up Through the Water. Her web story Blindspot was in the 2000 Whitney Biennial. For more on Darcey’s work, Go to https://darcey-steinke.com. For more on Speak Sex, Go to https://Speaksexpodcast.com ⚡️ For Eurydice totes, books, art, merch go to https://Eurydice.net. ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/speak-sex-with-eve/id1448261953 ⚡️For video episodes, Go to https://YouTube.com/SpeakSexwithEveEurydice ⚡️ www.facebook.com/Speaksexpodcast #speaksexpodcast #darceysteinke #eveeurydice @eveeurydice @darceysteinke --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/speaksexpodcast/message


Episode 88

Season 3

by Eve Eurydice