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by Eve Eurydice
Speak Sex with Eve Eurydice

Ep 89: The Emergent New Masculinity. Feminine Cleanse, Embody Self-Integration Eve Eurydice w Hans M


Eve Eurydice speaks with Hans Morgenstern a writer and film critic journalist and producer for Channel 7 News who is also a practitioner of embodied spiritual intimacy and sexual polarity under the tutelage of John Wineland. In 2019 Hans put his longtime career in arts journalism and film criticism on hold and devoted his free time to yoga, meditation and conscious living. We talk about the rituals he cultivated to enter Conscious celibacy and reinforce it, the men's group he created, the parameters he set with feminine energy, from friends to porn, side-effects like quitting drinking and smoking and cultivating an exercise routine. Fresh off a 6-month feminine energy cleanse, Hans says he would still be trudging along, unaware, lost and disconnected from himself had he not embarked on this. And yet, he’s not out of the woods from his yearning. ⚡️Men can lead the way into the post-patriarchy. Rather than feel that they are losing anything or that they are being blamed for past injustices. Because past the strict roles of the patriarchy they’ll find freedom and become fully fledged humans. We are ripe for a Mass civilizational shift and for that we need men too. Men don’t have to depend on women to expose their emotions their wounds their needs, to live fuller lives.


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Episode 89

Season 3

by Eve Eurydice