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by Eve Eurydice
Speak Sex with Eve Eurydice

Ep 96: Reproductive Law, Biological Fact. Is Legal Marriage Outdated? Eve Eurydice w Dinna Alexanyan


Eve Eurydice speaks with Dinna Alexanyan. A man needs to go to a woman to have children. A man needs to Own exclusive rights to a womb. That’s the real reason for the Patriarchy. The primal Reason for Marriage & Monogamy. We eliminated that reason long ago with DNA and paternity tests. We are going through the rituals of marriage and monogamy but the Meaning and the Necessity is absent. The Real Justification is Missing. It’s a Cultural Lie. The old Need for Marriage for the Perpetuation of Species is no longer. It’s a primordial Habit. It’s a Bad Habit we can Break. We have legally and scientifically separated Sex and Love from procreation. It’s a legal & scientific fact, but it’s not a social & moral fact yet. Socially we are lagging far behind our own science. We must update our mores and conventions. In Patriarchy, we understand Relationship as Ownership. Because our knowledge of it all starts with man seeking an exclusive ownership of the womb. And man’s urge gets mirrored back by women in love. We now conflate possession, esp. monetary possession, with love. We understand love as ownership, and love choice as risk ratio (the more you’re willing to risk, the more you show your love). Monogamy is procreatively obsolete but in our Patriarchy, love is driven by who’s the highest bidder. If we want true love, we must get the Government Out of Marriage. In place of Marriage, a couple can Come up with a public Marrying (& need be an advance Unmarrying) Ritual. If society takes the $ & perks out of Marriage, and if neither partner will lose the children, the property, the inheritance if they separate, if neither partner gets punished, if there’s a preexisting legal agreement in case of an uncoupling, only then can a coupling begin to be authentic and not enforced and transactional. ⚡️ Dinna Alexanyan is a licensed Psychotherapist, Theta Healer, teacher, Mediator, ordained Minister with a private practice of over 18 years serving clients nationally and internationally clients coping with trauma. Dinna is the Founder and Director of Sybarite Productions, a nonprofit organization committed to the mentoring and employment of youth in the arts, while teaching the importance of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, including its infamous, 15+ year running, quarterly music, dance, film and art festival event - LOVEisLOVE Miami 10/16/21 and LOVEisLOVE WORLDWIDE. @sybariteproductions⚡️ For more Speak Sex, go to https://Speaksexpodcast.com ⚡️ For books, art, go to https://Eurydice.net ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/speak-sex-with-eve/id1448261953 ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to https://YouTube.com/SpeakSexwithEveEurydice ⚡️ For support, go to https://anchor.fm/speaksex/support ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice @eveeurydice --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/speaksex/message


Episode 96

Season 3

by Eve Eurydice