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by Nuffnang Asia
Ssup, Influencers?!

Side Talk : Gaston Pong on the Journey to Stardom


Just like an encore in concerts, how about an encore in podcasts? 

Side Talk is an open space where the hosts will discuss and share about their thoughts on the previous Ssup Influencers?! podcast episodes. 

In this first Side Talk, Jean and Jason will be discussing about their thoughts towards Episode 1: Gaston Pong on the Journey to Stardom.

Disclaimer: All thoughts are based on their personal opinion, please listen with a light heart and acknowledge that it isn't all and always the same for every individual. 

Have a good listen to how Jean and Jason share their thoughts towards the beauty standards of the entertainment industry & how one may identify if they are surrounding themselves within a good support system.



by Nuffnang Asia