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by Nuffnang Asia
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Siu Lim on Her Rebirth after Divorce


Leaving an abusive marriage is as if you just migrated to a foreign land alone. You lose familiarity and all your support system even if it wasn’t right. Doing what is right for him/herself takes enormous courage and not many people can do that. What more if you're divorced in a foreign land? Siu Lim, an American single mother with 4 children did it 4 years ago. She left an abusive relationship that no longer serves her well mentally and physically far away from her home in Malaysia. While scary, her rebirth after the divorce is such a testimony for true self care and self-love. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, when you’ve finally learnt to love and care for yourself, your children will grow more healthily and independently too. It is indeed a testimony and empowerment for all the women and men out there who are currently trapped in an abusive relationship.

If you or someone you really care for needs that assurance to leave a bad relationship, this podcast is just what you need to listen to right now. There’s no secret recipe or a set formula for one to feel happy and fulfilled in this lifetime, but listening to how others overcome their road blocks would always give us that extra push and optimism in life. Good luck <3


Episode 9

by Nuffnang Asia