Start Something Big!

Start Something Big! - Bahrain (Yazin Al-Irhayim) Episode 1!


Welcome to the Start Something Big! interview series! This interview is the START! I tweeted to Bahraini entrepreneur Yazin, who said yes and took the chance to trust a Canadian gal to be interviewed about his entrepreneurial journey! Here's Yazin's Bio: While his friends were playing hopscotch outside, 12-year-old Yazin was coding away on his parents Pentium One computer. He sold his first web project to a Swiss company at 16, and completed his Computer Engineering degree at 19. After spending 5 years at GE, he quit his six figure job to start his own business. He now plays with technology full time. Learn more about Yazin on his website: As this is the start - I'd love to hear what you think! @gwenelliot



by Gwen