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In this episode of Start With A Win, Adam talks with Ryan Estis about the importance of employee well-being and how it can impact the long-term success of an organization.

Ryan has more than 20 years of experience as a top-performing sales professional and leader. Twelve years ago, he decided to put that experience into practice and launch is own learning and advisory organization. He developed the Virtual Wellness series, a live, interactive program, complete with a curriculum grounded in original research on what employees need to thrive. The series features five modules focused on employee well-being:

  1. Peak Performance: Unleashing Your Potential Into the World
  2. Emotional Resilience: Responding to Change, Challenge & Adversity
  3. An Introduction to Mindfulness: The Art of Presence
  4. The Communication Revolution: Building High Trust High Value Relationships
  5. Fit for Service: An Introduction to Physical Wellness & Nutrition

Ryan shares that the COVID-19 pandemic was really just a tipping point for employee wellness and well-being. People have felt overworked, lonely and burned out for years, but it has been a call to action for leaders to get more involved in this issue.

People are reconsidering their relationship with work. Ryan shares the statistic that the average white collar worker worked three more hours per day during the pandemic. But the Great Resignation is showing us that throughout the last 18 months, our perspective has been reset. Unhealthy balance in life and work just might not be worth it anymore.

That’s where a bigger focus on employee wellness must come in. And the programs must be about more than the apps for meditation or Bring Your Dog to Work Day. People seek balance and flexibility and want to have fulfillment. They are shifting from organizing their lives around work to now wanting to organize work around how they want to live their life.

Ryan also shares that the impact of focusing on employee well-being goes beyond the productivity and fulfillment of the individual. It has a great impact on the long-term success of an organization. If your focus as a leader or board is only on quarterly performance and maximizing shareholder value, you’re missing the longer-term opportunity. It’s not just a moral obligation, it’s speaking to the long-term health of the organization.

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