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by Siemens Digital Industry Software
Startups: Digitalization to Realization

Flying With Efficiency: The Future Air Freight with Aleksey Matyushev of Natilus Corporation


How many times have you ordered something online, and received a box 4x the size of the product inside? Aside from the confusion as to why, we’re all left with the sentiment of how wasteful it is. Well, there’s one company out there working to change that. 

Throughout the pandemic, e-commerce has taken off astronomically. That means the demand for smart and efficient air cargo solutions is on the rise. 

My guest today is Aleksey Matyushev from Natilus Corporation, a California based startup working on creating autonomous drone aircraft. Their goal is to reduce the cost of airfreight by 50% through thoughtful design and a smarter use of space.  

In this episode, Aleksey talks about how he pivoted from industrial design to entrepreneurship and shares details about the autonomous aircraft being produced by Natilus. He also shares valuable insight about the inner workings of Silicon Valley, and why aspiring entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need to flock there in order to find success.  

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you come up with the idea for Natilus? (3:28)
  • Do you ever see this evolving into human transportation? (6:50)
  • What was the process that you went through to validate the effectiveness of the designs? (10:39)
  • How do you save money by flying at lower altitudes? (12:56)
  • What can you share with other entrepreneurs about your startup experience? (15:25)
  • What kinds of simulations is Natilus doing? (25:38)

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why the F22 never went into major production (4:55)
  • What makes Natilus stand out from the competition (7:58)
  • Why making an electric aircraft is different from making an electric car (9:18)
  • The creative strategy they used to help build the business (10:58)
  • Why e-commerce was an important consideration in their design process (14:09)
  • Lessons in product development (19:02)
  • A message for aspiring entrepreneurs and engineers (27:26)



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