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by Abhishek Kumar
Steal My Marketing

Audience Builders: Dave Nemetz, Polina Marinova, Jonathan Hunt and Brian Morrissey


This conversation is led by Bleacher Report founder Dave Nemetz, featuring Polina Marinova (The Profile Dossier), Jonathan Hunt (Complex), and Brian Morrissey (Digiday Media). The lessons compressed in this conversation are wide-ranging and if there's anything you need to learn about content-led growth, this is it. It was originally held on Clubhouse for Dave's awesome show, The Audience Builders, and I reached out to him requesting to post this on Steal My Marketing 2 days back. And BOOM. Enjoy the conversation :)

And btw, I spent last night reading through some of the best essays I've read in a while on Dave's blog. Tons of material on the early days of Bleacher Report. Check it out - (https://davenemetz.com/essays)

Here are the show notes :)

02:17 - How I scaled The Profile Dossier to tens of thousands of subscribers

08:51 - Convincing Morning Brew newsletter with 2.5 million subscribers to collaborate with me

10:44 - Complex: the convergence of culture and how we built a business around it

16:15 - Going full time with your creative projects and the systematic bias toward strong networks

20:44 - Substack severely lacks creator tools and how to improve it

27:16 - Retaining talent in the media space after they become stars

29:18 - Paid podcasts marketplaces in China and funding creators like startups

36:12 - Every couple of years, someone proclaims that websites are dead. They’re not.

40:35 - Why publishing everything at midnight gives Digiday a leverage

44:17 - Creating evergreen content and the power of long-tail

47:07 - Evergreen Profiles by Polina: Elon Musk and Charlie Munger

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Dave Nemetz (https://twitter.com/davenemetz)

Polina Marinova (https://twitter.com/polina_marinova)

Jonathan Hunt (https://twitter.com/jonathan_h)

Brian Morrissey (https://twitter.com/bmorrissey)

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by Abhishek Kumar