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by Abhishek Kumar
Steal My Marketing

Corey Haines is the only SaaS marketing guy you'll ever need to listen to.


Corey Haines tells this crazy story of how he got his first marketing job, within 3 days, to propose to his girlfriend. Last year, he left his job as the head of growth of Baremetrics, to go bootstrapping full-time. He's since worked on Hey Marketers ( a job for only for marketers), Swipe Files (a curated library of the best marketing examples with detailed teardowns of what makes them great), Mental Models for Marketing (Mental models and frameworks have literally been a game-changer in being able to think about marketing as a whole) and Refactoring growth (how profitable software businesses systematically acquire and retain customers the hack-free, spam-free way). He also hosts 2 podcasts, writes on his blog regularly, and shares very valuable marketing tips on Twitter. It was through Twitter that I started exploring his content and was flabbergasted by the sheer amount of good content he produces. He has so much to share, and we're here to listen :)


02:17 - Introduction

03:20 - A trip with friends that changed the trajectory of my life

05:30 - Podcasts that inspired me to explore marketing

07:10 - Took my first job to propose to my girlfriend

08:30 - How I started Hey Marketers

10:35 - Tips on creating your own job board

13:20 - The idea behind Mental Models for marketing

15:17 - How learning timeless frameworks and principles behind marketing was a game-changer for me

19:20 - We hire products just like we hire people 

25:30 - Building an audience 

28:10 - My stairstep approach to building an online business

33:00 - I had the idea of Swipe Files while trying to launch Baremetrics' affiliate program. 

37:20 - My favorite Books and Podcasts 

38:45 - Customer research is the ultimate competitive advantage

40:48 - Great resources on copywriting

43:03 - Why I'm documenting my entrepreneurial journey on my podcast

45:04 - Time management and juggling multiple projects together

46:14 - People I follow on Twitter for their awesome content

49:00 - Why I'd rather be Warren Buffett than Elon Musk

50:50 - The one thing I'm good at, that I'm not widely known for

52:42 - Leaving a legacy

54:25 - If you're already on some kind of trajectory, you don't need a mentor

55:40 - The best place to reach out to me

I share all the articles/podcasts/books I consume during researching my guests on the newsletter as well as other stuff I find interesting (https://stealmymarketing.substack.com/)

Corey's Website (https://www.coreyhaines.co/)

Corey's Twitter (https://twitter.com/coreyhainesco)

The guide to validating startup ideas ->  https://guide.opryshok.com/ (use code "stealmm" for $5 off)

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by Abhishek Kumar