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by Abhishek Kumar
Steal My Marketing

How Dickie Bush went from 5 subscribers to 1000+ subscribers in 29 countries within 10 months by sharing his favourite books, articles and podcasts.


This episode happened because I got lucky :D  I was scrolling Twitter and saw Dickie’s tweet. He basically said he was available for 3 hours the next day and was looking for ideas. I asked him to come up on the podcast and within 24 hours, we were on call. The magic of the internet :)

Dickie has an interesting story. He started writing a curation of his favorite podcast episodes, book notes, and articles on his newsletter, Dickie's Digest, at the beginning of 2020.  He started with 5 subscribers and now has 1000+ subscribers from 29 countries in just 10 months. He writes awesome tweet threads, read by Naval Ravikant, and Tim Ferriss, to name a few, and just started a community for writers last week that already has 100+ members the last time I checked.


02:21 - Introduction

04:28 - Playing football for Princeton University

05:50 - Starting Dickie’s Digest newsletter and unlocking the leverage of the internet

08:22 - Business growth, people growth, and systems growth

09:22 - My first subscribers were my family and two roommates

10:25 - Most people don’t want to be told it’ll take them 30 weeks to reach 200 subscribers

11:43 - In content creation, there is something about credibility that is formed as a result of your consistency

13:00 - The most viral tweet thread I wrote and it went viral

15:03 - What I learned from  Anthony Pompliano and David Perell

17:06 - Lessons from War of Art and beating the resistance

19:40 - Minimum Viable Action

22:11 - Intentional day planning, optimizing my days for flow and context switching

24:36 - The most marked-up books on my bookshelf

26:03 - Stoicism

28:26 - Lessons from best sports coaches - Nick Saban, Phil Jackson, Bill Belichick

30:34 - Why you should start writing a journal - 500 words a day for 500 days

32:18 - All things Dickie's Digest

33:48 - My entire process of writing Dickie's Digest

37:40 - Content aggregators that I look up to

40:37 - Anyone who wants to become a better writer should learn copywriting and the best books on copywriting

42:26 - Content creators who are killing it on Twitter

45:05 - How to write great Twitter threads and how I do it

46:23 - Writing a newsletter is the highest leverage thing you can do with an hour of your time

47:16 - My favorite podcasts

48:31 - If you’re optimizing for one thing in life, it should be for your energy levels

50:08 - Twitter has democratized access to some of the smartest thinkers on earth

52:27 - Why I believe Chamath Palihapitiya is the most successful person 

54:07 - Rolling funds and how Shaan Puri and Anthony Pompliano raised their multi-million dollar funds from Twitter

55:47 - SPACs and why you should invest in one

59:24 - Connect with me

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Dickie's Website (https://www.dickiebush.com/)

Dickie's Twitter (https://twitter.com/dickiebush)

Dickie's Digest (https://dickiebush.substack.com/)

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by Abhishek Kumar