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by Abhishek Kumar
Steal My Marketing

How Pete from No CS Degree built his interview blog and newsletter into a platform for launching multiple products.


Pete Macleod started No CS Degree about a year back, interviewing self-taught developers. He’s since grown his website into a job board, a Bootcamp index, and a newsletter; has made $15,000 and launched several products including a book, a course, and a members-only live interview session. 


2:17 - Inspiration for NO CS Degree

6:11 - From Political Commentary to Entrepreneurship

11:40 -What Pete is currently working on

13:40 - Executing successful Product Hunt launches

16:45 - Tailoring you message for each community

18:44 - Copywriting hacks for newsletters

20:49 - Mentors

23:32 - Meet your Heroes idea

26:42 - How Pete finds guests to interview for his website

31:51 - Ensuring quality of interviews via email

35:10 - How Pete got his first readers and subscribers

40:11 - Expanding his website to jobs board and Bootcamp index

41:34 - How Pete made $15,000 from No CS Degree

44:00 - Doing sponsored posts

49:20 - Book and Pete’s new course on Newsletter Monetization

58:24 - Getting rejected every day in September 2020

1:02:17 - Challenges and Breakthroughs

1:07:28 - The best place to connect with Pete

You can write your questions to Pete at stealmymarketing@gmail.com

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by Abhishek Kumar