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by Stereo Vandals - Produced by Krist McKenna
Stereo Vandals Electronic Show

Stereo Vandals Podcast Episode #58 – U-Line Sessions 6


http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11079248/Stereo_Vandals_U-Line_Sessions_Vol6.mp3U-Line 6 Sessions attached!

Stereo Vandals – U-Line Sessions 6

You Love Her Coz She’s Dead – Lilya Forever (UM Demo)Deep Focus – Should Have Gone To FabricLusine – Eyes Give InModerat – Rusty Nails (Stereo Vandals ReTweaked Cut)Outputmessage – 40,000kmMilosh – Remember The Good ThingsYppah – Never Mess With SundayConsole – Delay DeckelRandom Rab – Master Of Gyroscopes (Vandal K’s Spin Cycle EQ)Silent Dust – The Giant (Om Unit Remix)Solvent – Science With SynthesizersAeroc – It Does EasyMarc Hellner – Asleep On The Wing (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)Midwest Product – SwampBoards Of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon SunCepia – Hoarse (Monograf’s Revenge Tweak)Deru – Let The Silence FloatFreescha – Abominable LoveKettle – Pinch of PeerKilimanjaro – Don’t Wait (Sina Remix)Proem – No ImbackSizzlebird – Dream Of You (Feat. Mariah Dawn)Vector Lovers – Tokyo Gliterati (Boston Knives Touch-up Edit)Vondelpark – HipBoneItal Tek – Babel (SVK Supercut)Mux Mool – Valley GirlsHelios – Coast OffStereo Vandals – Trashmouth (Sparkling Mess Snip Edit)



by Stereo Vandals - Produced by Krist McKenna