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by Hope Harbor
Still Not Asking For It

Polyamory and Sexual Empowerment


Content warning: sexual assault, childhood sexual assault, abuse

In this episode, Alayna and Mel talk with friend and Hope Harbor volunteer advocate about her healing journey after abuse, bisexuality, and poly relationships. We discuss the privilege of sex positivity and how identifying as a survivor has helped others. We also discussed how "sexual subcultures" can be empowering and are rooted in (like BDSM) consent and communication. 

This podcast is brought to you by Hope Harbor, A Sexual Trauma Recovery Center where we provide free, confidential services to anyone impacted by sexual violence in south central Kentucky. For more information on services and ways to get involved, check out our website hopeharbor.net where you can also find our blog, Thanks for Asking.

Our theme is Girl Tones' Can't Pause. Girl Tones is a 2-piece punk rock band based out of Western Kentucky. Check out their website girltones.com 

For questions or topic suggestions, you can email us at crisisintervention@hopeharbor.net

You can call us 24/7 at 270.846.1100 for questions, resources, or someone to talk to.

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Episode 8

by Hope Harbor