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by Preston Bailey
Stop and Smell the Roses

Preston's Therapist Peter Azrak on the Intersection of Addiction, Faith, and Success, Presented by FMI Farms


Climb inside Preston's mind as he is joined by someone who knows him best--his long-time therapist, Peter Azrak. Peter is a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City who specializes in bridging the gap between mental health and spirituality. Having earned Master's degrees in Religious Studies and Social Work, Peter has helped Preston through many of his life's twists, turns, ups, and downs. On this episode, Preston and Peter open up about why people seek therapy. Why do we wrap so much of our self worth into money? And, how do we go from being a creature of habit to a creature of change? They explore it all, including addiction, the drive for perfectionism, and how faith affects your outlook on one's mistakes and challenges. Listen in....

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Host: Preston Bailey

Guest: Peter Azrak - Instagram | Photography | Book, Pulling Back the Future: A Therapist Finding His Way

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Episode 3

by Preston Bailey