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by Preston Bailey
Stop and Smell the Roses

Welcome to Stop and Smell the Roses with Preston Bailey, Presented by FMI Farms


Lifestyle and event design expert, Preston Bailey, is so excited to launch his podcast, Stop And Smell The Roses! Having worked with a variety of high-profile clients all over the world (including Oprah, Eva Longoria, Isaac Mizrahi, and Martha Stewart), Preston LOVES making his clients’ visions come to life in ways they never imagined--and, now he is sharing the magic behind that spirit through his new show! He's joined on his first episode by his producer, Andy Kushner, owner of The Wedding Biz Network and Host of his own podcast, The Wedding Biz. Preston and Andy talk about what you can expect from Stop And Smell The Roses and all the opportunities the show will bring YOU to gain more access to Preston and his wellspring of knowledge. Today's episode is presented by FMI Farms. Listen in...

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Host: Preston Bailey

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Executive Producer: Andy Kushner of The Wedding Biz Network and Kushner Entertainment | Check out Andy's Podcasts: The Wedding Biz | The Music Makers

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Episode 1

by Preston Bailey