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Stories with Sapphire

Just For Chills: Kuchisake-Onna, The Heartless Man, A Prank Gone Wrong

Stories with Sapphire
Stories with Sapphire
This is Just For Chills, where on select weeks in between regular episodes, I read spooky, spine tingling fictional stories - just for the chill of it. If you'd like to submit one, you can send it to storieswithsapphire@gmail.com. Today, I will be sharing 3 stories that originally aired in November of 2020. There are also versions of these stories on my youtube channel that are accompanied by animation https://www.youtube.com/sapphiresandalo.

Ch 1 - Beware of Kuchisake-Onna, by Sapphire Sandalo & Adam Sinker
Ch 2 - The Heartless Man, by Sapphire Sandalo & Adam Sinker
Ch 3 - Where Heaven and Hell Intersect, by Sapphire Sandalo & Adam Sinker

Music used in this episode: Dance of the U-boat, by Aakash Gandhi
Spirit of the Dead, by Aakash Gandhi
No. 8 Requiem, by Esther Abrami

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Stories with Sapphire
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