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Stories with Sapphire

The Moment of Death: Stories of the Transition From Life To Death

Stories with Sapphire
Stories with Sapphire
This episode contains stories about the loss of pets and family.

Have you been present for the moment when someone transitioned from life to death? What did it look or feel like? Today's episode is about the many ways the moment of death appears to us, whether peaceful or horrifying.
First, I narrate the experience of a man and his aunts who all saw the same face of death. Next, I tell the tale of a grandfather who saw death come for him in the form of a woman. Then, I recount the times a woman saw dead people in her dreams. And finally, I tell the tale of someone who died in their sleep and came back.

Chapter 1 - Death’s Face, submitted by Michael
Chapter 2 - Death is a Woman, submitted by Jackie
Chapter 3 - Death in my Dreams, submitted by Heather
Chapter 4 - I know I died, submitted by Nicolas

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Stories with Sapphire
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