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StoryCast '21: EP 8/21 Terror in Brussels Airport


Reporters typically arrive to the scene of a major news story after the event. But on March 22, 2016, Sky News National Correspondent, Alex Rossi, was in the Duty Free at Brussels Airport when ISIS terrorists detonated two bombs in the departures lounge.
Just metres from where he was stood only moments earlier, people now lay dead.
Among those severely injured was Sebastien Bellin, a former Belgian basketball player.
Just months before, in November 2015, ISIS had attacked Paris, killing 130 citizens.
Because of the nature of that attack, both men now expected more bombs and further deaths.
Within an hour, another bomb was detonated on the Metro in central Brussels.
Amidst the confusion, Alex Rossi began to document, live on Sky News, the terrifying unfolding situation inside the airport. What he had no understanding of, at that time, was the devastation inside the departure lounge, where Sebastien Bellin lay stricken.
Revisiting their respective experiences, in depth, this podcast is a graphic account of the attack on Brussels - which claimed 32 lives - from the perspective of both men.


Terror in Brussels Airport was recorded by Tom Gillespie.
Production, writing and sound design by Rob Mulhern
Special thanks to our contributors, Sebastien Bellin and Alex Rossi
Archive, Simon Windsor
TV treatment, Gemma Watson
TV output editor, Emily Deeker
Digital, Tom Gillespie
Head of Radio, Sky News, Dave Terris
Design and graphics, Brian Gillingham
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Press and Marketing, Alexandra Horton
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