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by Jude Brewer
Storytellers Telling Stories

S2: Ep.24 - The Isle of the Dead - Stevan Allred & Shane Brown


This week, Stevan reads an excerpt from his novel, The Alehouse at the End of the World, with musical scoring and a performance by Shane Brown.Our hero, the fisherman, is on a quest to find his beloved, who has written to him from her deathbed, urging him to come find her on the Isle of the Dead. After a rather unusual sea voyage, we join him as he awakens on a strange shore...Read more on Stevan Allred here: stevanallred.comCheck out Shane Brown here: shanebrownmusic.comHear more episodes: sttspod.comClick here to rate us on iTunes. Otherwise, please share this episode with your friends and family -- new episodes arrive every Tuesday!Thank you for listening.

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Episode 24

Season 2

by Jude Brewer