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Strange Uncles S4E18: "Secret Underground Bases & Alien Disclosure w/ Darcy Weir & Stephen Basset"


WOW......Do we have a great one for you! If you Strangers remember, we had Darcy Weir on the show previously discussing his new Documentary "Sasquatch Among Wild Men". Well we invited him back to discuss an older Documentary of his called "Underground", where he tells the story of a one Phil Schneider, who helped build underground secret bases and even had a possible encounter with Alien presence. ALONG WITH THAT, we also invited on Stephen basset, Executive Director of the "Paradigm Research Group". PRG was founded in 96' and seeks to "disclose" the known Alien presence here on earth by working with the Government & private groups. Its Stephen's hope that hearing's for this Disclosure can begin as early as this spring...If this is true, it literally will change the world as we know it. An amazing conversation, and there is an added hour+ exclusively for Patreon Members. Thank you so much Darcy & Stephen for coming on! *You can find Darcy Weirs website and works at: https://www.occultjourneys.com *You can find Stephen basset's website at: https://paradigmresearchgroup.org. *Follow us on all social media and Podcast Platforms. Email us at Strangeuncles@gmail.com, or call our hotline at (801) 252-6945 and tell us your tale of terror...Want more for your Strange earballs? Join our Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/strangeuncles


Episode 165

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