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Strange Uncles S4E20; "Remote Viewing 101"


Welcome Strangers to the early release of Episode 20. This is a researched, self-made episode for sure. So the boys & I have been wanting to take a jab at "Remote Viewing". After researching for a month or so, we got together and decided to try to modified "Coordinated Remote Viewing" sessions. Interesting results which if you are a Patreon member, there will be a companion piece to this episode of our live recorded sessions, as well as the paper work/results that we received. Keep in mind, we just touched the surface of explaining RV steps & methods to try it yourself or with a small group. Pretty amazing that you can "Tap" into the energy and the matrix around you, if you train yourself to do it. Open the Gates... *Want somewhere to find "Practice targets" to study/learn with? Find them at: www.naturalremoteviewing.com www.rvtargets.com *Share your experiences! We would love to receive feedback on your RV sessions and how they turned out! Email us at Strangeuncles@gmail.com, or call our hotline at (801) 252-6945. Close the Gates.. *Become a Patreon member at Patreon.com/strangeuncles


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