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Strange Uncles S4E21; "Riding with Ghosts with John Russell"


We had the pleasure of having on the show John Russell. John is a renowned Psychic, Truth-seeker, & an avid Biker with more than 50 years of being on the road under his belt. He has had the unique opportunity to combine his love for being on the road with his Paranormal adventures. We were lucky enough to read his first book" Riding with Ghosts, Angels, and the Spirits of the Dead", before having John on the show. His book is chock full of stories of long forgotten towns that come to him in a dream, UFO experiences, and even a search for Abraham Lincoln's missing Funeral Carriage. Very good read, and John represents his writing style by being down to earth genuine in all of his endeavors. Enjoy Strangers! Open the gates..

*Check out Johns newest book, "A Knock in the Attic" as well as his website at www.aknockintheattic.net, or at www.johnrussell.net. Follow him on Twitter @johnrus23216971.

*Write Strange Uncles at Strangeuncles@gmail.com, or call our hotline for any spooky tales at (801) 252-6945. Become a Patreon Member for more content at www.patreon.com/strangeuncles. Close the gates..


Episode 168

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